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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница фрак шанхай (Fudan Yanyuan Hotel Shanghai), гостиница расположена в районе яньпу города Шанхая, рядом с Университетом фудань, коммерческий центр на 5 - м углу, географически выгодное положение, окружающая среда элегантна, шумно.
гостиница была построена компанией материально - технического обеспечения фудань развитие ооо инвестиции, путем найма высококвалифицированных менеджеров гостиниц для специализированного управления гостиницей, чтобы каждый посетитель мог лично чувствовать уровень обслуживания в гостинице звезды.уютный и комфортный номер.расположение комнаты чистое, светлое, так что гости чувствуют себя как дома тепло и уютно.гостиница
также имеет несколько различных стилей, которые подходят для различных видов встреч.совершенный комплекс может быть совместим по различным потребностям гостей.большой роскошный банкетный зал на 120 человек, где можно будет проводить встречи и банкет, классические схемы 30 человек, небольшой зал и так далее.гостиница ресторан предоставляет гостям элегантную атмосферу для еды, является идеальным выбором для различных видов бизнес - банкета, семейных встреч.профессиональные повара команда получила ряд званий « шанхай известный банкет» и других званий, предоставляет вам вкусные и нежные блюда, создает специальное блюдо для вашего банкета.
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  • roysu190
    Fudan yanyuan Hotel convenient transportation facilities, warm service. more importantly, it is next to the Fudan University, is easy to feel the rich cultural heritage of the Fudan University.
  • alex_liao86
    Hotel is very good, staff were very friendly, will stay again!
  • fairyeva
    Feel good Ramada wujiaochang than the night before, the price cheaper than it, but no breakfast
  • elegantbaby
    Great for travel, and rest well.
  • E02513116
    Go to a Fudan University Special
  • financial1
    Accessibility, facilities good, no breakfast
  • b1i1r1d1
    Fudan University campus environment, poor breakfast
  • e01223724
    That's good!
  • cardinal05
    Quiet environment, living facilities, stay when some foreigners
  • linfeng3737
    It wasn't too bad
  • OoNANAoO
    Health facilities in General
  • deigo_wang
    Hotel is nice, clean, very good service, very near from Department of Fudan University, 10 days in advance booking, encounter room prices and orders was updates, very honest, excellent, will stay again.
  • mini2292024
    Old Nice
  • dollbear
    Clean, soundproofed, in whole or in
  • Edwardsin
    Good location, good service, very quiet, trustworthy
  • bearbear_suesue
  • inter
    Location not quite ideal to drive by car is not ideal. Room was really bad burst facility is so reactive and old-fashioned Hotel configuration should not go
  • cyanfy
    Convenient, quiet, rooms were clean, compared to the same grade hotel, nice
  • lxg124338854
    Hotel was good, traffic is also more convenient, cost-effective OK!
  • cecilla1205
    Close the Fudan University, minutes walk, a Fudan for its hotels, good grades, is very poor soundproofing, complaints were lodged against the TV the night really good! I want to go there, I wish Dr smooth
  • drxy157
    Good location, fair health, services, settings are not very good, room was a bit small, price is not high.
  • leocca
    Face of the woman at the front desk, etched in a look of arrogance, as if she treat people staying at a hotel, estimated that by the turn of or feel affiliated to Fudan University hotel working so good, than the guests to be superior! may also be a relative of our boss, the iron rice bowl. Very unpleasant experience, such a person should not appear in the services. If this is the attitude around this price many hotels to choose from, giving you a piece of advice.Facilities and sanitation can also, but the smell in the room, but for this service, there is no next time.
  • jettapan
    Good location, room facilities, clean, cost-effective, and regret is that the rooms have no opened mobile WiFi.
  • linatravel
    Very good position, wujiaochang near Fudan University are in close proximity. health line is longer not clean under the bed, dust, waste a lot
  • bear-1
    On the side of Fudan, nice quiet, although the infrastructure is not so new.
  • abdodo
    Nice convenient, quiet, clean, a little culture.
  • cnppee
    From Fudan University and the rooms were simple but clean, and overall it is good.
  • luyu710510
    Good served warm, clean ... next time will stay
  • bonniemu
    Nice, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters very friendly. price is still pretty high, WiFi, will stay again.
  • Elianllj
    Is a little old, bad air conditioning
  • geyi727
    Location is located in five angle field Street, special convenient, also has free parking, out right turned, go a 100 meters around on to Fudan Handan Campus East has. out left on to five angle field Street, drink one-stop. Special good, dad mom had view I, on live in here. price also also is compared affordable has. wants to with in outside parking day also to many money, also than on live in Yan Park has.
  • jenny9yuan
    Wujiaochang hotel is located in the central area of the branch, make quiet. veteran services, old equipment, shower good!
  • LittleRain
    Is run by Fudan University, logistics group, relatively inexpensive
  • adamno
    Fudan University, the traffic is good, old rooms facilities, health is very good in bed
  • ELeung
    Prices are a little on the high side, old rooms facilities
  • camel
    Well, from Fudan University,
  • dongsiyun
    Location, convenient to the Fudan University Act
  • acornjenjen
    Naozhongqujing very well!
  • Freemagic
    Convenience, health, services and the price is high.
  • su27xp
    Which is very nice
  • MAS0N
  • lili113338
    Still clean old hotel, but failed to book a big bed, twin and I can't spell big bed room, so we had to. rooms are expensive, facilities, but nice and clean.
  • rurug
    Clean and convenient shopping
  • J8304050026
    Equipment is relatively old, but good, was two or three minutes to go to Wanda. the hotel was nice, next time you come to stay!
  • genii1015
    Very good hotel, staying for the first time, from Line 10 subway, very quiet at night, very convenient location, was very close to the wujiaochang business circle, is recommended.
  • jujianjun
    Located in the city centre, in a quiet, health, passion!
  • e01109151
    Fudan University is near the East Gate, room good facilities, very convenient.
  • dulei1982
    Fudan University is in close proximity and convenience. living facilities around, not far from Metro station.
  • canoemoon
    Good location, price is a little expensive.
  • susanfm
    Very close to the hostel in the Eastern District, Fudan University Act this part here is a good choice. surrounding both shopping and eating are very convenient