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South Korean film week kicks off in Shanghai

Date: 2016-01-08

Just beginning in 2016, Shanghai art film alliance will offer a beautiful country."Korean wave hit, the Shanghai south Korean film week" will be held on January 8 to 12, with five different styles of south Korean movie.And of film ac loss in the background of the two countries, China and South Korea co-production base in Shanghai is in the making.
Film at the film week were 2015 Korean movie box office champion "veteran", this is a gangster film with Jackie chan action comedy style, can be seen everywhere in the last century the nineties China Hong Kong action film tribute;Directed by famous south Korean director hong Chang Xiu, won the 2015 gogo locarno international film festival award "at this time right at the time wrong" borrow chic two sections of narrative, the seemingly at random, men and women conjured the ever-changing silhouette sexes;Nominated for 2015 blue dragon film awards four of the top secret search according to the actual events occurred in South Korea, is based on, was abducted by a child, fully shows the multi side of human nature;Shortlisted for the 68th cannes film festival, "a concern" unit "virgin" directed by female delicate perspective, shows South Korea under the patriarchal society of shocking and tragic;Japanese style master river producer wrasse Naomi co-productions in Korea and Japan "can be seen as South Korea's midsummer fantasia" teenpic, romantic color, lens is pure and disappointed.
The south Korean film industry is rapidly emerging in the late 1990 s, into the rise in recent years.Learn from Hollywood genre localization development model, at the same time explore development path, become the key to Korean movie forward rapidly.According to curators, including gold cloud, lee myung-se, park chan-wook, bong joon-ho, gold our, lee after capacitors, LiuSheng, South Korea's directors, almost never copy each other, but different, they are addicted to horror film, film noir, thriller, comedy, mixed type, etc.But they have similarity, that is their work generally not emphasis on the south Korean characteristics, also don't adopt traditional narrative and ending, so not only was welcomed by audiences and critics, also by surprise in each big film festival, is a renowned an important force in the international film industry.