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The fourth contest of college students original music awards ceremony in Shanghai

Date: 2016-01-08

Late January 5, hosted by Shanghai municipal education commission, pku, the Vatican seeks the culture media, with "looking for original music" as the theme of "the fourth session of the Shanghai college students' original music competition" awards ceremony held in he luding concert hall.
Awards show at the stage performances and bit hard behind the scenes of tournament kicks off in the video documentary, this also is the domestic first to college music events in the form of professional documentary records.Municipal education commission, pku, municipal culture bureau, international art festival center related leaders for the contest winners and unit awards, including best teachers, best cooperators, brand contribution, music team award, the east 21 prize of excellent works, JZschool prize of excellent works, the prize of excellent works of towel gourd cafe, the national prize of excellent works, original music works prize, award for best lyricist award, best composer, best popularity award, best actor, the most potential prize, the award for best original works, best adapted works prize, best of public works, as well as the highly anticipated annual creative award "original music".The award ceremony of coverage, in promoting the campus original music development has played a positive role.
Fourth session of the Shanghai contest of college students' original music adhering to the principle of "power and enjoy music events, encourage students creating healthy, vibrant campus music works, the present college students striving spirit and good art elegant demeanour, sharing the original campus music culture results.The original music contest lasted more than 120 days, cent is "music caravan, mentor group, theme points race," the three chapters.Since the opening, the music caravan into Shanghai 15 colleges and universities, make a Shanghai university of original music event.In the teacher group, 15 excellent players from 45 college stand out of the original music, in the "youth attitudes, salute idol, environmental home" as the theme of the three games in the tournament, show music talent, dedication the three original music wonderful audio-visual feast.
The original music competition in college students' thought and attitude as the core, all communication and promotional activities around the characteristics and requirements of college students groups.Not only the competition by the most professional Internet means to carry on the spread of the mobile Internet, and through the live platform "towel gourd cafe" APP, unable to visit the scene audience never leave home to feel the warm atmosphere from the scene of the event.Original music competition at the same time, in the "college students" WeChat platform, the audience can not command event information, cheer for colleges and universities like the original musicians thumb up.
After four years of carefully nurtured, Shanghai college students' original music competition has become a popular in Shanghai and the national university of the original music class events, on college campuses has strong influence in the original music.Through music contest can excavate students original music stars of the future, a new upsurge of original music set off campus, promoting the development of Shanghai college aesthetic education work new.