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The ecological environment comprehensive improvement no retreat Yang again to green key area east farm inspection to supervise renovation work

Date: 2016-01-08

"Ecological environment comprehensive improvement no retreat, must strictly target task."Vice secretary of municipal party committee, mayor Yang on January 7, afternoon again go to qingpu district east farm, on-site inspection supervision focus on regional ecological environment comprehensive improvement work to promote.Yang pointed out that this year and during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", Shanghai will continue to unswervingly promote the comprehensive improvement of the ecological environment.To further implement the 18th session of fifth plenary session of "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" concept of development and the central of ecological civilization construction, in accordance with the law governing the series of requirements, to further understand the situation clearly, more proactive.To consolidate the results on the basis of the current regulation, high-altitude, overcome difficult, concentrated "firepower" absolute face "crack", in order to complete the renovation on time task the effectiveness of hand a satisfactory answer to the people.
Since last September at east green farm ecological environment comprehensive improvement of the site after the meeting, city leaders have been concerned about and guide the renovation work of the region.Yesterday afternoon, vice mayor Yang xiong and Jiang Zhuoqing line once again came to the east green farm, following the last through the route check "bid".Car turned into the west road, the original "number two factory" into a cluster of illegal buildings have been demolished, hiding in some of the metal processing, industry and trade, small businesses and food processing plants have vanished, over the rubble and sometimes visible tear down the shop.Land leveling area to plant trees, completing pilot ecological restoration.City leaders into the makeshift headquarters in comprehensive environmental control in qing east farm, posted on the wall of listing mark all landlords and enterprise information, signing and CaWei condition be clear at a glance.City leaders watched CaWei video work, details about renovation progress.When the area has been completed 86% of the control task, and is expected to basically eliminate the phenomenon of "five violations" before the Spring Festival, Yang fully affirmed, and fight for a line in the regulation of grassroots cadres to exert himself said: "everyone hard, go the whole hog to muster!"
In the area near the pine and highway two regulation, after mixed and disorderly shabby workshop and storage room most illegal building has been demolished.The site, all kinds of engineering machinery is still in the clutch CaWei, busy shipping the vehicle garbage.City leaders understand CaWei situation in detail, ask there is any difficulty, and ask the relevant unit leaders: "time node is written pledge to fulfill a military order, no matter how to ensure to complete the task!"
At the annual meeting of the site in the following, the principal of qingpu, said that the green farm area east of illegal building has dismantled more than half, before the Spring Festival is expected to be completed 70% of the control task, and to ensure that this year June 30 basic eliminate the phenomenon of "five violations".Relevant units also report the responsibility area ecological environment comprehensive improvement of the work progress, and the next step.