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Travel China Eastern to increase 9300 involved more than 200 domestic and international routes

Date: 2016-01-08

This year's Spring Festival transportation from January 24 to end of March 3, China Eastern airlines plans to add 9300, involving more than 200 domestic and international routes.China Eastern flight plan execution during Spring Festival of 97000 divisions, seating 16 million investment, average daily plan flights of nearly 2400.China Eastern airlines will also be some flight from Shanghai to Beijing, guangzhou and other routes on launch free Internet access, air passenger can best wishes to the family in the air.Previously, China Eastern in Shanghai to Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, on routes to provide the service.
This year's Spring Festival travel peak is expected to appear in the January 29 solstice on February 12 solstice, February 6, 18, domestic focus in sanya, haikou, chengdu, chongqing, Harbin, shenyang and other traditional tourist and return route;International and regional hotspot focused in Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, China tourism market, etc.During the Spring Festival, China Eastern airlines strive to increase the three major hub in Shanghai, xian, kunming market capacity investment, three big markets work overtime accounts for 73% of the total plan to work overtime.
Hot spots for passenger demand, China Eastern way to switch on some routes, transport capacity.During the Spring Festival, in addition to North America, China Eastern airlines Boeing 777-300 - er aircraft into other areas and remote routes, plan on in Sydney and Shanghai pudong - Taipei - some flight routes.Shanghai - Sydney, for example, January 16 solstice on February 20th, MU561/562 weekly class 4 replacement for the 777 model;On January 29th February 16 solstice, MU735 class model to replace every day / 736 to 777 models.
So far, in terms of domestic airlines, China Eastern airlines Shanghai to northeast, northwest, southwest, central south and sanya, guangzhou to kunming, hefei, nanchang, yichang, shenzhen to kunming, taiyuan, nanchang, Beijing route to the northeast, northwest and nanchang area is more popular;International routes, pudong to Chiang mai, phuket, Sapporo, Okinawa, Bali, Singapore airlines demand, such as suggestion passenger travel plans early to plan and buy tickets in advance.
Aiming at the condition of the first holiday of the first-tier cities transportation concentration, China Eastern airlines for passengers travel reverse preferential discount ticket back and forth, and in the domestic, regional and international launch promotional fares on multiple routes.Until February 10, for example, buy from Shanghai to Japan, Europe and the United States to Australia ticket, at 200-1000 yuan tickets available cash extra lapse.
In addition, at present all east Shanghai airlines connecting transit passengers can be in the pudong airport T1 terminal 2 floor hall complete transfer procedure, a new transfer process greatly shorten the turnaround time of passengers.