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Shanghai to deal with the upcoming peak in the park Three years and the expansion of the 90 kindergarten

Date: 2016-01-08

On January 7th, "based on the education of children's early learning - from the ecological chongming, Taipei early education BBS" held in chongming.On the BBS, deputy director of the municipal education commission Jia Hui revealed that open in response to two child policy after the baby boom, Shanghai will be in three years construction and expansion of 90 kindergarten, a net gain of 1700 kindergarten teachers.
The implementation of the "comprehensive two children" policy, the school-age population prediction, the layout of the campus planning and education resources expand new requirements are put forward.For coping with the coming into the peak of the municipal education committee and other nine departments jointly made action plan of the preschool education in Shanghai three years (2015-2017).In addition to continue to ensure that the city census register 3 to 6 years old children's preschool education, 100% of this city will be new and renovated 90 kindergarten, new kindergarten construction area of about 30000 square meters.
In addition, Shanghai plan 3 years net around 1700 kindergarten teachers, ensure wang 100% and 100% of card mount guard to on-the-job training, promote the kindergarten teachers' professional ability.In addition, will strengthen the 0 to 3 years old infants and young children with guidance for family early upbringing, infants and young children families accept scientific parenting guide frequency per year on average, will be increased from four to six times.
Jia Hui pointed out that in addition to meet the conditions to ensure that school children "can enter the garden", to promote the balanced development of the kindergarten, as far as possible to improve the quality of kindergarten, children "good into the garden.Indicators, along with the development of the action plan in three years, the kindergartens in the city will reach 80% of the total secondary class above, 35% of the total level and above.